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Note: Requires Accelerometer and Gyroscope to Play

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At Jitterware, we are creating truly 3-dimensional games that get you moving, get you thinking, and get excited to play more! We are challenging players to interact with the space around themselves to play without the need for VR headsets, custom hardware, or AR integration. We can do this by designing intuitive motion controls that let you jump into a new game without a second thought on your current phone. While holding your device you use your ‘kinetic’ body motion to steer your character or vehicle as fast as you can move!

Simply put, if you hold your phone up and pivot to point in any direction, your character moves that direction for an incredibly accurate and fast paced way to play games. Racing, shooting, stunts and more are possible with the Kinetic Play system we use to create immersive games you can play anywhere. We are creating games that let you have a blast playing, get a work out, and get inspired to do better. If it’s going to be fun, why not make it challenging too! Download Dark Matter Dash today using the links above to get a taste of what Jitterware can offer using our Kinetic Play system.

Note: Requires Accelerometer and Gyroscope to play Dark Matter Dash


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